4G SIM Slot Wifi Router

  • 4G/3G/2G high speed internet service
  • 2FF standard SIM slot
  • Wifi signal receive & send antenna
  • One port RJ45 able to connect devices
  • 12V DC input

  1. On/Off Button                          Turn on/off the device, click to awaken device while stand-by
  2. Power supply DC                     12V-1A
  3. Micro USB Port                        USB adapter (power bank) Power supply(emergency)
  4. Ethernet Port                            Yes
  5. SIM Slot                                     Standard SIM Slot (2FF)
  6. Reset Button                             Long press for 5s to restore factory settings
  7. WIFI antenna                            Wifi signal receiving and sending
  8. 4G LTD Antenna                       4G Signal Receiving internet, please